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The following Acrobat files are the result of the painstaking work of Bernard Sullivan and others, and have been generously made available through this website. Click on the icon to open each file, or right-click and select ‘Save Target As’ to download it to your computer. Acrobat offers search facilities to find the information you may be looking for.

If you spot any errors or omissions, please notify Bernard Sullivan ACMA on +44 (0) 1425 655827 or click here. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS NOT AS SHOWN IN THE INDIVIDUAL RECORD FILES – Please use this one.

We would very much like to get your feedback if you have found this information useful, so please send Bernard an email with your feedback – see below to read some of the comments that he has received about how useful this work has been to family researchers.

The use of these documents is intended for personal use only. If you need them for commercial reasons, or would like copies of all these files, please contact Bernard Sullivan as above. A charge of £15, or £17 overseas, will be made, but will be contributed to Twyford Church funds.

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Feedback from thankful visitors to this page!

I think you have done a marvellous job in transcribing these records for which you have my gratitude.
RM – England – May 2012

I have spent years trawling through Public Records to gather information for my family tree and although very successful on the maternal side, I have hit a brick wall on the Paternal side. That is until I discovered your website for St Mary The Virgin in Twyford. What an amazing find. Several hours and seven A4 pages later I have the most comprehensive information to absorb. How can I go to sleep now with all these names and dates swimming about before my eyes. Fabulous. Thank you for all the hours YOU must have put in.
H S (Miss) England – April 2012

I found the Twyford births, deaths and marriage listed on the internet and have found them invaluable researching my family. Thank you for taking the time to post the Twyford information on the internet for people like us to look at. Thanks to you I have been able to fairly easily trace various branches of my family back nearly 300 yrs – without constant trips to a records office or buying certificates. Being able to pop back and forwards over the months – looking for people on the database – has been invaluable. Thanks again – much appreciated.
C W – England – Februay 2012

I want to thank you very much for providing the parish records for Twyford in such an easily sortable format online. I really appreciate your effort.
CH – Canada – July 2011

Coming across this site has been a Godsend. Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated.
KC February 2011

Once again I have had to refer to your Records of Twyford and once again I have to write to commend you on the wonderful layout and ease of use. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing it with us.
JR – February 2011

Thank you so much for such a wonderful resource – so easy to use. I have found many answers in our pages and thank you for helping me to map my family history.
SG – January 2011

This is just a quick note to say thanks very much indeed for your work in making the parish records for Twyford available.
I was delighted to come across your site and discover not only details of siblings and parents from your records of baptisms, burials and banns.
S S – Victoria, Australia – November 2010

Thank you Bernard for all your hard work – I found the record I was looking for in just a few minutes.
AD – Somerset – October 2010

Firstly, thank you very much for making the Twyford Parish Records available on-line. Even though I live in Canada, I was able to access them and confirm my third great grandfather, obtain the maiden name of his wife, my third great grandmother, and discover 9 siblings of my second great grandfather.
DT – Canada – July 2010

I have recently been working on some genealogy things when I came across your baptismal databases posted on the Twyford Church website. I would first like to commend you on putting together such a great resource. I am sure it was quite a task, and it is very valuable to researchers.
KW – October 2009

I would like to thank you for your transcriptions, they have provided a means to perform cross referencing not possible from microfiche (held at Hampshire Record Office); especially the father’s and witnesses’ names in marriage records.
DE – September 2009

Thanks again for all the work you have put into making the info(rmation) available. Kindest regards.
Samantha – June 2009

I would just like to thank you for taking the time and trouble to put the parish records on line.
Thanks to you I solved the mystery of why I couldn’t find records of my ggg grandmother (she was illegitimate – a fact I could only have found in parish records).
Co’R – France – May 2009

Thank you so much for your generous gesture and for undertaking all the work involved in placing the Parish Records at the disposal of we family researchers in Australia.
Fran – March 2009

I came across your website while seaching my family tree, which I have found very usefulI and I would like to thank you for the time you have put in to the website to make it so easy to access the information.
TL – Salisbury – March 2009

I have looked at the Twyford records online and also the books in the Church. I have found both to be most useful. Thank you.
WS – February 2009

I have firstly to congratulate you on the value of the work which you have put into the transcriptions of Twyford Parish records and to say how much I appreciate the enormous amount of effort which you must have expended on this exercise.
RA – February 2009

A wonderful endeavour. Many many thanks for your sterling work doing this, would that other places were so fortunate!
My maternal grandmother was a Young and I have been able to reconstruct the family tree from your site and since I now live abroad, it has been invaluable.
Many thanks!
S G – USA – December 2008

I have been looking into my family history for about eight years and I was blown away by your site. I wish more sites were like yours, easy to navigate. I just wish that all my family had come from Twyford.
J R – October 2008

I have been using your church records on line.These records have been very useful and I would therefore like to make a small contribution to funds. Please could you give me an address to send cheque to and payee.
M T – October 2008

I have looked at Church web site. It is very good and it was through it I found the middle names of my great aunts and uncles which I had not known before.
JWP September 2008

I spotted the extra pages at the weekend – you have done a wonderful job with it all. I hope it is appreciated by all the budding family historians!!!
BM – August 2008

I stumbled on this site and was able to go back a further two generations. I would just like to say a big thank you for putting in so much time and hard work to make these records available to people like me. You have made me very happy!
JM – July 2008

I want to thank you for all the work you have done on the parish records. It allows us from Canada to find our family that we could not have done without this web site.
CU – April 2008

I am pleased this content is available.
JM – January 2008

I would like to congratulate the people involved in setting up and making it free to access; it is an excellent site and very easy to find information on.
ML – Australia – July 2007

You have done a magnificent job transcribing all the parish records and making them available on line. It has transformed my knowledge of this branch of my family.
BR – Australia – June 2007

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