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Twyford Churchyard Quiz Answers

… and here are the answers …

A1. What was restored in memory of Anthony & Topsy Hill? A seat
A2. What was Topsy Hill’s first name? Dorothy
A3. Where was Malcolm Henry Haig buried? At sea
A4. Who was the adored wife of Colonel Curtis? Margaret Pamela Adderley
A5. Who was Elizabeth Drew’s husband? Albert
A6. What did Dame Allison Fairborn do on 3rd November 1876? Laid a memorial stone
A7. Where did George Henry Powell die? Paris
A8. What was the christian name of Noreen Emily Whiting’s father? Jesse
A9. Where was Arthur Saltmarshe born? Naples
A10. Which clever fluid is used to protect the church from thieves? Smartwater
A11. How old was Elizabeth Young when she died? 72
A12. Mike Turner was a GP but what hobby did he pursue in his spare time? Yachtsman
A13. Who donated a bench in memory of Roy Cousins? His workmates
A14. There is a bird carved on Patrick Dean’s headstone, what is it? Owl
A15. Paul Gibson had a twin sister, what was her name? Pauline
A16. Which Fairbairn was a 2nd Baronet? Thomas
A17. In whose memory is the noticeboard in the church entrance? Douglas & Margaret Bundy
A18. There are a pair of metal gates at an entrance to the churchyard, in whose memory were they restored? Carole Percival
A19. How old was Joiln Parsons when he died? 29
A20. When did Roger Hockley die? July 10th 1666
A21. How much is required to repair the church bells? £20,000
A22. What was the occupation of David Witt whose motto was ‘Measure twice, cut once’? Builder
A23. Who was the vicar of Twyford from 1888 until 1896? William Romanis
A24. Which words were written on the sign on the ‘Ancient Tree’ in April 1977? “It is earnestly requested that no one disfigures or climbs this ancient tree”

Location Morestead, Owslebury, Twyford, Colden Common. Benefice Office: Holy Trinity Church Centre, 154 Main Road, Colden Common SO21 1TJ Phone 01962 715172
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